Analysis Of Antigone In 'Nobody's Perfect'

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“Nobody’s Perfect” and a famous song written by the beloved Hannah Montana. These words could not be more true about the book Antigone, a story about a girl who tries to bury her dear brother Polynices, but she cannot because rules do not allow it. Higher authority often oppresses those below and in this case Antigone is not allowed to bury her brother Polynices. “Everybody Makes Mistakes” another song by Hannah Montana, talks about how nobody can be perfect and how people must deal with their mistakes and try to move foward and fix them, instead of dwelling on the past. Yet in the book, that is all Antigone does. She mourns for everything in the past and will not move foward until she can bury her brother Polynices without the law restricting her. Polynices cannot be buried in the land of Thebes because he pulled an army on his brother Eteocles. Antigone was upset about this because she believed that it is cruel that she cannot bury her brother, when this was the only thing women could do at the time. Tiresias, the blind profit, stated to Creon that “All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil: The only crime is pride.” This quote is valid to the assertion that Antigone has about burying her brother. She strongly believes that she can bury her brother and she should be able to because he was a righteous man besides the fact that he did one bad thing in his life and all of the good things he did in his life repairs his wrongdoings. This is true to today, many kids are mean to their parents and try to betray them without even knowing it, just like Antigone did when she tried to bury her brother Polynices. Antigone knows that Polynices is not a bad person, so she tries to do this great thing for him, even though it would make her break the law of the king Creon. She knows it is a big risk and she would probably be executed for it, but when you believe in something so strongly you have to go with your gut, and that is exactly what Antigone did. She went and buried her brother and of course she gets caught and is brought to Creon. Of course another song by Hannah Montana is called “The Climb” which talks about someone who should keep pushing on and doing

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