Analysis Of August Rush

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We hear music every day, on our way to work, sitting in the doctor's office, or just relaxing on the couch after a long day. Even the sounds of insects, animals, and the rustling of trees can be categorized as music. There is no way to escape the music that surrounds our lives. A quote I believe best encapsulates this idea is from the 2007 movie August Rush. To summarize it quickly, the movie is about a musically talented orphan who searches for his parents in New York City, and it turns out they are searching for him too. Through August’s journey he begins creating his own music based sounds of the busy city. At the very end August states “The music is all around us. All you have to do is listen.” Most of people would not categorize the sound of a speeding car or the wind as music. However, many people would consider birds chirping pleasing to the ear. So the question lies: What is music? Music typically defined as sounds from voices and instruments that can be used to express emotion. However, a more philosophical definition of music would be a sound that is pleasing to an individual’s ear. That being said we would assume that everyone would have a different taste and preferences of music, because of our personal and cultural difference. Yet this is not the case, as it turns out music popular and common music share some commonalities. It is surprising to say that jazz, folk music, and classical share common musical scales because when you listen to them

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