Analysis Of August Wilson's Fences

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When Hope Dies Troy Maxson is a difficult character to comprehend. In the complex play Fences, August Wilson depicts his main character as a harsh man; one who has been through hard times. The origins of his severity can be traced to many unpleasant times in his life. He has faced many struggles which ultimately affect his relationships. He is met with misfortune throughout his life which causes strain on his interactions with friends and family. However, with all of the despair that Troy and his family must endure, there is still hopefulness in each of them. While Wilson presents a character who builds a fence to protect himself from the world he feels is against him, he still offers a theme of hope of what can become in his provocatively written Fences. American playwright August Wilson’s protagonist “Troy” is a hard-working black man. The play was written in 1985 however, the setting is during the 1950’s when race relations were strained. Troy has served time in prison for murder which serves as a major conflict in his life. These conditions along with the fact that Troy works an unskilled job gives the reader the undertone of despair. A major theme of the fence presents multifaceted meanings. “Rose, Troy’s wife, wants a fence to keep her world safe, to keep the family close, but to Troy, the fence represents confinement, so he has delayed its completion” (Farrar 1). Troy shows that he still has hope of a more rewarding life by not closing himself off. However, he
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