Analysis Of Battle Royal And Big Boy Leaves Home

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Black people as a whole come in so many different shapes, sizes and mindsets. There are black people that believe that they need to conform to that of white people to excel in life and there are those black people that do not care for white people and are carefree. The main characters in “Battle Royal” and “Big Boy Leaves Home” represent this diversity of black people. The narrator in “Battle Royale” represents a different type of blackness than that of Big Boy and his friends in “Big Boy Leaves Home.” He represents the intelligent and busy black person like that of people of the north. He is a very timid and naive individual who believes that the only way he is going to be successful is to be able to conform to the ways of the white people. Big Boy and his friends are the opposite of the narrator, they also represent another type of blackness. They were carefree and simple individuals who did what they wanted. They represented the simple way of the southern people. These characters represent the diverse forms of blackness in African Americans.
“Battle Royal” begins with a young man trying to do everything he can to make sure he receives his scholarship. He endures so many obstacles during that short period of time. He had to fight during the battle royal, then he had to get electrocuted all because he wanted to perform the speech that he was hoping to get him the scholarship that will allow him to go to college. Although he should not have been a part of the fight, the

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