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The Bully by Paul Langan Book Report Shanta R. Wilson Liberty University PSYC/221 Mrs. Rhonda Wilson July 31, 2011 I am writing my book report for Mrs. Rhonda Wilson, which is the instructor for PSYC/221. The book I will be giving my report on is The Bully by Paul Langan. This book contains 190 pages. It was copyright in 2002 by Townsend Press, Inc. and printed in the United States of America. The cover was illustrated in 2001 by Gerald Purnell and was designed by Larry Didona. I choose this book because it is something children face every day. The Bully is a story about a boy named Darrell Mercel who lives in Philadelphia with his mom. In Philadelphia, he had a best friend named Mark that would always help him when he had a…show more content…
The first Friday of New Year, Darrell didn't want to go to the supermarket parking lot to met Tyray because he didn't want to be scared of Tyray. He decided that he didn’t want pay to him again. At school, Tyray came and asked Darrell about his money, but the teacher came in so Tyray went away. When they went to eat lunch, Tyray and Darrell started fighting and then Tyray was crying because he broke his wrist. Finally, they were both sent to the principal office. At that time, Darrell told the principal what happened. In conclusion, Tyray got suspended and Darrell got a warning. There was this big fight between the two main characters Darrell and Tyray. Most fights normally go both ways but this particular fight was strangely one sided. Tyray. The excitement from this scene is clearly the fight itself and because of the irony of the situation. The irony was that the Darrell was untouchable in a fight against the bully. Constantly being laughed at and clowned by your peers can get very frustrating and unbearable. Darrell didn't receive any respect from hardly anyone in school because he was labeled as a "punk" from not retaliating to Tyrays foolishness. This conflict led to Darrell taking martial arts classes, learning a myriad of moves and techniques, and displaying them in the final altercation between him and Tyray. Darrell had to overcome his struggles with a bully named Tyray. What made this

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