Analysis Of Beats Plastic And Its Effects On Our Natural Environment

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Situational Analysis An audience with an ability to grasp concepts based on their college experience and intelligence, I welcome my class members and my professor with amazing credentials to be able to lead and teach this course. The title of the article is Paper beats plastic? How to rethink environmental folklore written by Leyla Acaroglu. As you analyze life cycles, do you know someone who plays a part of the system that affects our natural environment? How does a person know if there actually reducing environmental impacts through their actions involving natural environment? There must be a common ground when it comes to an effective analysis in order to get a clearer picture of what effects the natural environment. Paper beats plastic, the fact that paper beats plastic can be monitored in how our interactions affect life on earth. There is a financial gain when we accept that plastic is a small amount used when creating plastic bags; paper is actually being used more than plastic. What we produce and design in society can make a huge impact on the natural environment. Individuals can gain knowledge and find ways to address complex situations in knowing how to make better choices. Getting rid of plastic should not be an option. Paper usage can be good but not if were throwing paper and plastic away in our garbage bins we are not helping our environment. Throwing paper and plastic away in our garbage bins is poor judgement and poor judgement affects

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