Analysis Of ' Blair Witch Project '

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Semiotic Analysis on Blair Witch Project Blair Witch Project is regarded the first of its time, a horror film in a documentary-style movie. The release of the film in 1999 marked a new phase in the creation of films. The Blair Witch Project set a benchmark for production of films of different genres, especially for horror movies. The fixtures of the genre, horror films, have long being characterized by the presence of graphical violence and torture by villains like monsters, ghosts, demons and madmen or psychopaths. Prior to the release of the Blair Witch Project, most horror movies were developing in many ways especially in the storyline and justifications of the supernatural characters and scenes. Blair Witch Project was very special in many ways, using mystery, suspense and foreshadowing to create the intense fear and scare in the audience. Since the 1980s, the horror movies have changed dramatically. With every new experience through innovation, in the film industry, the horror films are expected to change with time, and in a whole new dimension. The film Blair Witch Project, produced in 1999, has had an incredible impact and influence, which very few films have had over the years. It is arguably among the scariest and most frightening horror film to date. It is a one of a kind on the basis that it being a horror film, it does not possess the characteristics of generally known horror movies. Throughout the whole film, we find no violence content like torture or graphic
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