Analysis Of Blue-Collar Billiance By Mike Rose

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Every contemporary society endures a division among the people, whether it’s because of social, financial, or political reasons. Mike Rose, the author of “Blue-Collar Brilliance,” is a professor at UCLA and an outspoken contributor on the topics of literacy. Furthermore, “Blue-Collar Brilliance” was published in a prestigious magazine, American Scholar, in 2009. As the storyline of the article revolves around the working American class, Rose writes it as a rebuttal to misconceptions that people who are on a higher social ladder hold. What Rose tries to convey in his article is that blue-collar jobs are much more complex than just its physical component. In his article, Rose utilized various strategies to effectively attempt to persuade his readers through his personal experiences. The article is rhetorically effective because it encompasses a variety of emotional appeals, and successfully exhibits its logical aspect of arguments to establish a connection between the past, and the contemporary belief regarding the blue-collar jobs. First, in his text, Rose effectively uses his personal experiences as a foundation for his claims to conceive the emotion of compassion towards the blue-collar workers, as well as establish an understanding of the complexity of such jobs. Rose writes about his family members, and attempts to achieve a much deeper connection with his readers who might even relate to his own experience. Rose reveals some of his memories by saying, “Rosie took

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