Mike Rose Describes His Personal Childhood Observations

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Mike Rose describes his personal childhood observations about his mother and uncle in his essay titled "Blue collar Brilliance". Rosie, the authors ' mother, was a waitress in several coffee shops and family restaurants over the span of Rose 's childhood. Joe Meraglio is Roses ' uncle who worked over a thirty-three year career at General Motors after being in the Navy and working on the railroad. Neither Joe, nor Rosie had a formal education. Rose describes his childhood as years of sitting in the back booth, at whichever restaurant his mother was employed at the time, and watching her juggle all kinds of intricate task simultaneously such as; devising memory strategies to remember orders, and monitoring how long her orders spent in the…show more content…
Joe and Rosie worked very hard and had to find ways to adapt and conquer the problems that arose at their jobs, with no formal education it was up to them to devise different strategies and techniques to solve their tasks in a consolidating manner. Rose explained a few of Rosie 's techniques that she devised to make her job easier that anyone with kids could relate to emotionally because of the chaos that can be associated with keeping up with children, house work, and all the things that goes along with raising a family. "She 'd sequence and group task: What could she do first, then second, then third as she circled through her station? What task could be clustered? She did everything on the fly, and when problems arose---technical or human--- she solved them within the flow of work" (274). All of the examples Rose gives about his mother 's or his uncle 's personal experiences are easy to understand and relate too for anyone.
The second form of appeal the author uses as aid in proving his claim, along with pathos, is ethos or an appeal to ethics and moral principal. Rose shows the innate intelligence of his mother and uncle by describing the different techniques they improvise to complete the task at hand. An example of improvising strategies is when Rose mentions, "Joe learned the most efficient way to use his body by acquiring a set of routines that were quick and preserved energy",
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