Analysis Of Blue Collar Billiance By Mike Rose

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In the article “Blue Collar Brilliance”, Mike Rose emphasizes that blue collar jobs should be recognized for their amount of work and intelligence levels required. Usually in today’s world, blue collar jobs are viewed as monotonous tasks that require little or no ability or intellect. Rose argues that individuals often judge people who work in blue collar jobs based on the level of education. Rose’s argument is that formal education does not define the level of intelligence in a person. He made his argument effective by providing the idea and evidence that intelligence should be respected, regardless of where it is learned or gained. Blue collar workers and white collar workers are seen by society as two very different types of occupations. Blue collar workers can be found doing hard, physical labor. A blue collar worker could be working on a construction project on a busy highway, repairing the plumbing in a house, or even driving citizens around town in a taxi. White collar workers can be found behind a desk doing paperwork, in emergency rooms treating multiple sick patients, and even teaching in classrooms at all academic levels. The social stigma is that the blue collar jobs are those tasks that most people do not want to do. However, those jobs are vital for society to run smoothly. Without blue collar jobs, communities just would not run properly or efficiently. Just imagine how terrible the condition of the roads and highways would be if it were not for the tough

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