Analysis Of Bon Voyage

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Visual/Object Analysis Project One Greg Olson’s “Bon Voyage” is a framed print painting. It measures 13.50” x 11.88”. This image was submitted to Fine Art America in 2012. I find Olson created a quite busy, yet intricate image that evokes many different thoughts and feelings as to its meaning. One can make a connection with God, others can say the image represents the expansive imagination of children. Less than a quarter of a bed finds itself sitting in the right section of the frame. The blankets were blue with hints of purple. A singular white pillow lays against the wooden bedframe. Above the bed rests a variety of purple and blue shades blended inside a golden picture frame. The walls containing the room are the same mix of blue but with the lightest part of the image being the middle, with it getting subtly darker as the viewers eyes stray left or right from the center. Just to the left of the bed, a young boy, perhaps six years of age, holding open a sturdy wooden chest for a large array of animals. The image looks to be representing post 2000. The boy was a pale skin tone with rosy cheeks and blond hair. He wore a loose, long sleeve red pajama shirt, accompanied by red pajama pants. He wore a heavier blue robe over his shirt. The robe consisted of two vertical white lines tracing the opening of the robe in the front from top to bottom. There were also horizontal white lines reaching across of the form of the body. The boy held a blue umbrella with a blue handle and

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