Analysis Of Booker T. Washington Essay

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Education has always been an important piece in my family’s legacy. My grandmother was one of the first African American women to have a school named after her, and the majority of my uncles, aunts, and cousins all work within the education field. Naturally, I decided to write about two influential educators that have greatly impacted my life.
Within the last couple of centuries, there have been a great number of influential leaders in the education field, but one that always stood out to me and impacted me the most is Booker T. Washington.
Booker T. Washington is arguably the most famous African American Education Activist for his multiple contributions to giving African Americans the equal education rights in the United States as white people. He founded the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute, or better known as Tuskegee University.
Despite the racial inequality and segregation during his time, Booker T. Washington wanted to ensure that his fellow African American citizens were not only received a quality education, he also wanted to make sure that the black people of America were being taught the necessary skills that are critical in the process of becoming a successful in the world of work.
His philosophy of industrial education heavily stressed how much he felt African Americans needed to receive a proper education so they can strive in areas of social, political, and economic working environments. He felt a lack of education rendered people trapped and in a

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