Analysis Of Bosses Seek Critical Thinking

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In 1989-1995, my father took a job as a manager of the newspaper Marin Independent Journal company called Gannett. His job required him to have bouts of experience and to be able to solve problems quickly. When a carrier didn’t show up, he needed to quickly come up with a solution to get the mail out. Another problem he faced was how some people’s mail were stolen. His own experience with these issues and critical thinking is what helped him become manager for almost four years. In her article, “Bosses Seek ‘Critical Thinking’, but what is that”, Melissa Korn claims that qualities like critical thinking and problem solving are major assets that young workers may lack. As she explains, critical thinking is something that is hard to describe and can have many different ways of wording it. That, in turn makes it difficult for employers to set this bar. Korn continues to give multiple types of definitions of critical thinking to show exactly how the definitions can differ. She then adds that an incorporation has their candidates work through company assessments to see how they reach their conclusions. This lets them see if their workers are qualified. Korn then proceeds to bring Jerry Houser’s opinion on how schools are encouraging students to focus too much on their social lives. Upon reading Korn’s article, i’ve found that although many parts are agreeable, such as when she talks about how difficult it is to actually describe and prescribe critical thinking, other parts like

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