Essay on Critical Thinking and Ethical Decision Making

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Critical thinking and ethical decision making are crucial for academic success as well as career success. Both critical thinking and ethical choices allow an appreciation of diverse points of view using analytic approaches, create a tolerance for and an appreciation of ambiguity, allow for creative problem-solving, and give the ability to integrate knowledge from diverse viewpoints into unified ideas and strategies. To better understand how critical thinking and ethics impacts our success, we must analyze these skills and how they relate to us academically, and to our future careers. One way a strong analysis of critical thinking and ethics can impact our success is by allowing us to have a full understand of what critical thinking.…show more content…
Once a strong understanding of critical thinking and ethics is developed, one can recognize factors that can negatively affect this thought process and our morals Allowing a recognition of the barriers to critical thinking is another way that it can lead to success academically and in our future careers Barriers to critical thinking include emotions, resistance, and stress. Emotions can negatively impact our ability to make ethical decisions. Fear of failure can lead to less risk taking, and even the inability to express our ideas that could lead to success. Anger is another strong emotion that can cloud our ability to make ethical decisions and think critically. Often in a business environment, employees can react to changes in their field with anger rather than using critical thinking skills. Personal biases, which are almost always emotionally related, will also act as a barrier to our success in critical thinking. Resistance is the use of immature defense mechanisms that are impulsive, maladaptive, and non-analytical, and acts as a barrier to critical thinking. When one feels overwhelmed, whether it’s from work or from school work, it is natural to turn to defense mechanisms. When this becomes a habitually way to deal with issues, resistance becomes a barrier to our success and critical thinking abilities. Stress can also play a role in negatively affecting our critical thinking ability. In today’s business world,
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