The Common Core State Standards

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Kishore Boone

EDU673: Instrucional Strategies For Differentiated Teaching & Learning

Instructor: Sara Mattson

Date: August, 25, 2014

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of academic standards created to establish clear and defined objectives for elementary and secondary students across the United
States. These guidelines consist of what every student from kindergarten to the 12th grade should know and be able to master in math and language arts. The focus of the CCSS is to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills of students to prepare them for success (Common Core State Standards Initiative, 2014). The purpose of the Common Core
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The lessons will be more difficult and rigorous to teach because it requires students to develop higher critical thinking skills. Jobs may be on the line if students do not perform well on assessments. Students are faced with a bigger challenge with CCSS. No longer will memorizing information be enough for students to graduate to the next grade level but a higher level of thinking will be required for all students. According to the CCSS, the skills required to master the concepts for the next level and after graduation of high school will be beneficial to all students. While this may be theoretically true students in low socioeconomic communities who attend low performing schools may be at a disadvantage. These schools are already having trouble with students performing at previous standards. Providing more challenging standards may prove to be insurmountable for these schools and students which may lead to jobs being lost and state legislators taking control of the school. The mathematical standards of the CCSS build upon the high quality of standards for mathematics across the United States. These standards are developed from the best international practices along with research and input from different experts and educators. The math standards provide clarity and specificity that stresses upon conceptual understanding of key ideas and organizing principles to structure those ideas. The
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