Analysis Of Call Me Crazy

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It is hard for someone to come out to others that either they or a family member has a mental illness to others. In the film Call Me Crazy: A Five Film, there are five different characters who either have a mental illness or they are a family member who is affected by it. The overall story follows a young woman named Lucy who is a law school dropout struggling with schizophrenia. Throughout the episodes, Lucy comes home from a psychiatric facility, conflicts with her resenting sister, and eventually defends a woman in court who is struggling from post-traumatic stress disorder. The directors of the film created these five episodes with these characters because they all had trouble trying to express to others about their situation and that it is okay to reach out for help. The cast and creators of Call Me Crazy portrayed the hardships of dealing with a mental illness by expressing the signs of their disorder (logos), using director Bryce Dallas Howard’s past experience with mental illness (ethos), and displaying the inner and outer conflicts between those who are affected (pathos). The creators of Call Me Crazy portrayed the difficulty of dealing with mental illness through the portrayal of the actors expressing the signs of their specific disorder (logos). In the second episode of the film, the focus was on a teenager named Grace and her mother, who suffers from bipolar disorder. Throughout this episode, Grace’s mother experiences extreme euphoria when she starts drag

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