Analysis Of Carl Marx 's Writing

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The definition of Capitalism at its core the foundation of Western economics and politics. It is more than a concept that is driven by a way of life for many but yet it is such a foul word in the eyes of Carl Marx. His analysis is that such an idea has the power to drive individuals to betray their core beliefs and committing acts that are as severe as one of the reviled families in history, the Bourgeois; The literary piece known as, Bourgeois and Proletarians. In this paper will be an analysis of Carl Marx’s writing and to evaluate if Marx presents a compelling argument that presents a valid point of capitalism akin to the bourgeois. Marx’s writing is positioning throughout the work that there is an overarching theme about class warfare in society. In the second passage, “the earlier epochs of history, we find almost everywhere a complicated arrangement of society into various orders.” (Marx par. 2). He writes that there has been a strict system arranging classes of people based upon their social and economic status. This quoted phrase is a logos statement as it is common knowledge that human history has had relevant class systems. Similar to the caste system in early days, it was often viewed that one’s birth right was granted into poverty or elite social status with wealth. Class was as defined as one’s skin color. Highly improbable to allow an individual or family to transcend what was their classification in society. The next piece that Marx presents as damning
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