Analysis Of Carol Dweck 's Article ' Brainology '

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There is a big difference living a life actively, and living a life passively. Once people start living a life passively, they tend to become too comfortable and committed to their life, which is devastating because they will never amount to their full potential. As for a life that is being acted-upon they are self – improving and opening new doors to experiences they never thought they could do. In Carol Dweck’s article “Brainology” describes two different mindsets students may have and how each can affect a student’s ability to reach a successful life. Also in connection with the mindsets based on Adrienne Rich speech “Claiming an Education” she argues about what receiving and claiming an education means. In the wake of these findings I come to learn that I had a fixed mindset, which only allowed me to receive an education. But now recognizing and understanding the “Growth Mindset,” I have decided to claim my education and see how putting the concept and process can help enlighten my academics and life. High school is a big part of an individual’s life; it can change how people view themselves. From the beginning of high school I knew that I was going to community college because both brothers went, which influenced me to go. Since I new where my life would be after high school I discourage myself and was put into a fixed mindset. In Dwecks article Brainology she describes how students with a fixed mindset think which states” but those with a fixed mindset were most…
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