Analysis Of Daniel Handler's A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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Most authors tend to write their books in a cheerful way. Daniel Handler, on the other hand, writes in a gloomy style, showing the not-so-nice things that can happen to people. For example, the three Baudelaire orphans in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Siblings who just lose their parents in a deadly house fire and have to deal with the trouble known as Count Olaf, a villain after their enormous inheritance. Handler wrote the 13 books in the series under the pseudonym Lemony Snicket. A Series of Unfortunate Events is Handler’s best-known work. In the last book of the series, the three Baudelaires are in the middle of the ocean on a boat after leaving a burning hotel where they worked undercover. Unfortunately, the children are accompanied by Count Olaf, the man after their money. “And the Baudelaire fortune is finally mine!” Olaf cackled “Finally, I am a very wealthy man, which means everybody must do what I say!” Was Olaf’s reaction to their predicament even though his statement is completely false. Snicket made Count Olaf the antagonist in the story, a manipulative villain where in his mind money equals power. He lives in his own fairytale where he is superior. To make the Baudelaires situation worse, a storm is added to the mix showing that the kids can never get a break, pushing their intelligence and strength. The storm led the Baudelaires and Olaf to an island of strange customs. “But the Baudelaires could not help but feel that they were abandoning their previous

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