Analysis Of Disney 's ' World Ocean Day '

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In May 2013 Disney produced a billboard advertisement marketed for “World Ocean Day” which is one June 8th. This annual observation honors the world’s oceans. The advertisement is directed towards keeping Earth’s water clean. The advertisement was placed on billboards throughout the United States. This advertisement not only market to children, but it also markets to families and Disney-goers. As Walt Disney even said “You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” The advertisement is set in the deep ocean blue with Ariel, form The Little Mermaid, and her friends Sebastian and Flounder swimming around. Ariel comes across a magical droplet of water that encompasses the Earth. The droplet illuminates with a beautiful, magical light. From the deep blue colors of the ocean the words “water, keep it clean” appear in a gorgeous vibrant yellow. The phrase “It’s part of your world” appears from the glistening light off of the droplet. The 2013 Disney’s Water Advertisement ultimately is effective By utilizing emotional, logical, and credibility appeals. Instantly when looking at the advertisement the pathos, emotional appeal, is established through the beautiful colors and characters that appear on the billboard. The Disney characters Ariel, Sebastian, and Flounder represent happiness, joy, and youthfulness. The advertiser puts the characters in the advertisement to help market and develop his point of preservation. He desired to remind families and

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