Analysis Of Divided By Borders By Joanna Derby

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In the novel, Divided By Borders; Mexican Migrants And Their Children by author Joanna Derby, accessed in November 2017 summarizes the main ideas of the effects on transnational family relationships over time and the adaption of the family system. Derby explains her motivation into creating the novel is sparked by her own divided family experience and the emotional aspects that tie to real life connections to audiences who may relate or lack knowledge of. Derby effectively designs her research based on 12 groups of families; this gives the audience the interpretation of the children's side and the migrant parents leaving them to caregivers. The novel utilizes interviews to showcase the children's point of view on their parent's migration …show more content…

Being said, Armando played a major effect on his children's development and behavior issues such as aggression and lack of motivation in life. Over time this has caused a barrier for his children to find forgiveness for his depeture and a sense of respect for his return years later.
The first chapter starts off with his children and was questioned about their father’s absence, and that all gave hesitant responses to Derby's interview with little to no memory of who their father, Armando was like. Afterwards, the story shifts about Armando's motivation into towards heading to the united states for a better life, He explained that he the moment he realized he could no longer keep up with his finances to support his three children and wife and that's was his opportunity. Armando's journey of following several other immigrants to pass illegally came with successful a job in the end but yet, came with tragedy as later the audience realizes his wife deceives him with loving another man right after bringing her to the United States. Armando and his children viewpoints on his migration explain thoroughly the effects both Armando and his children face while separated. I believe the reasoning Derby closely describes Armando's emotions and children in the novel is to show the similarity emotions to her own personal life and her inspiration into her book in hopes the better for migrating

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