Analysis Of Dr. Jennifer Parrott's Essay: No Place To Go

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Dr. Jennifer Parrott essay, No Place to Go: The Importance of the Family Restroom, suggests family restrooms are an essential for disabled people, single-parents, and transgendered people. The way Dr. Parrott supports her essay is with an explanation of a family restroom. Then she allows here readers in her on private space. As she told the story of her 18 year old son with server of case Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, the reader cannot help getting emotional involved. Then she told of other stories of disabled people, parents with opposite gender children and the problems family with small children are having with the lack of family restrooms. She wrote this essay to advocate for families with disabled members, single-parents, families with small children, and transgendered people, in order to have family restrooms in public places. Dr. Parrott intended audience is a general and the students taking English 1101 and 1102 classes for fall 2015 thru summer 2016 semester. …show more content…

The everyday struggles of a disabled person, a caregiver of a disabled person, a parent with a small child of the opposite gender, a transgendered person, and an aging baby boomers to find a restroom to take care of all their toiletry needs, is growing. After reading an article about a six year old boy being sexually assaulted by a 33 year old man in a restroom at a McDonalds in Florida, agreeing with this essay is easy. Consequently, family restroom will not only help keep small children safe, but it will also allow family with disabled members, be able to enjoy events outside their

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