Analysis Of Emily Dickinson 's ' There 's A Certain Slant Of Light ``

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A poet who challenged poetry’s role in religion, Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1830. Although Dickinson’ was poetically prolific during her life, her work was neither published nor acclaimed until after her death in 1886. Similar to most poets, Emily Dickinson wrote about what she understood and what intrigued her. One of the major themes that Emily Dickinson often explored in her poems was the conflict between science with religion, specifically, her “individual struggle with God”. Many of her works describe defiance towards religion, because of how religion subjugates human identity. Dickinson is unique because unlike other religious poets who follow and encourage the path to God, she talks about challenging God’s dominion throughout her life, and refusing to submit to divine will at the cost of herself. In “There’s a certain Slant of Light”, Dickinson uses light that carries spiritual connotations to explore her relationship with God. Though the word “light” suggests weightlessness, Dickinson uses the word “light” as a heavy burden. Dickinson expresses her internal struggle with God who she views as subjugating human identity. Emily Dickinson lived in a time period where there were struggles to reconcile between faith and science. What makes Emily Dickinson stand out is not because of the certain style of unique methods that she incorporates in her poems, rather, it is because of her personality as a rebel that sets her aside from the rest of the

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