Analysis Of Family Stress And Crisis: Violence Among Intimates

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We are halfway through this semester and chapter 11, “Family Stress and Crisis: Violence among intimates” is the chapter that have answered a lot of questions I’ve been waiting to know. Up until now, I knew what violence is and how violence can be very scary. But I had no idea that violence can be broken down to many categories such as “intimate partner violence,” “dating violence,” and “violence in gay and lesbian relationship.” Even before I read this chapter, I always have a feeling that women are often the victims in violence and abusive situations. The book also stated that it is misleading that men tends to be the victim in a research. I like to agree with the information being mislead because women are different different. One thing for sure is that women are generally weaker when it comes to strength. Also, women are less likely to report a violence and or an…show more content…
It is both hard and embarrassing to talk about such details to another stranger.

Sociology explained these trends by micro and macro level. According to one micro level, the explanation is that people learn to be violence because of their surrounding. This make a lot of sense to me because I believe that many of my behaviors and characteristics are from my surrounding such as my family. I’ve been observing my parents and relatives ever since I can recall my earliest memory. As a result, there is no doubt that my actions and behaviors can be similar to them. Now does this mean people who grew up with violence will also be violent? According to the definition of “intergenerational transmission of violence,” the answer is “yes.” But the book explain that it is very unlikely (80%) that a person brought up with violence will abuse their own family. Unfortunately, I am part of the 20% that “intergenerational
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