The Violence Of The United States

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Picture this. Your husband comes home from work and immediately heads to the liquor cabinet. As one drink turns into two, and then into four, the aggressive side you know is hiding behind the mask he puts on is waiting to be unleashed. What seems to be some small incident, such as a dropped glass or spilled milk, soon turns into an altercation. It starts off with some name calling, but quickly turns into more physical violence that leaves you with a black eye and marks up and down your arms. As he heads to bed reminding you that this was your fault, and that you deserved it, you almost begin to believe it. The next day is full of apologizes and promises that it will never happen again, which you want so badly to believe is true. Until it…show more content…
This, however, changed with the creation of one of the first domestic violence organizations: the Battered Women’s movement (“History”). With the creation of the Battered Women’s Movement came an upward push for more domestic violence reforms. In 1984 one of the first acts passed by congress was the Family Violence Prevention Services Act, which allows the Secretary of Health and Human Services to fund states in all things domestic violence. This includes “the establishment, maintenance, and expansion of programs and projects to prevent incidents of family violence and provide shelter and related assistance for victims and their dependents” (“History”). This act has shaped what we see in domestic violence reforms today, and has spurred the creation of other programs to help those whose lives have been affected. When you look at domestic violence as a whole anyone can be affected by it. Men, women, and children. Those of different cultural groups, socioeconomic classes, and religious backgrounds. Everyone. In 2016 it was estimated that there were approximately “960,000” incidents of domestic violence in the United States (“Domestic Violence”). Of these cases “85%” of the victims were female, and “15%” of the cases involved males. (“Domestic Violence”). From these cases we see a wide variety of situations that these statistics encompass, which include: “physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse,
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