Analysis Of Felix 's Race As A Man Of North African Descent

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Félix’s race as a man of North African descent in northern France is the main aspect of his otherness. The viewer experiences Félix’s race in varying respects throughout the film. Initially, the film shows Félix listening to and enjoying North African music, in spite of others’ objections. Next, Félix decides not to speak to the police about the mugging and murder he witnessed because he feared racial discrimination. Later, when Félix crashed his “sister’s” car, the fight between Félix and the other driver started because of Félix’s race. Lastly, Félix connected with the North African fisherman because Félix felt a connection with him because of his race and his struggle with family. Each of these experiences show Félix struggling with and becoming more aware of his race. By being visibly not fully ethnically Spanish, Félix was an outcast within Spanish society. A secondary indication of Félix’s otherness was his family dynamic. Because Félix’s mother was a single mother, who was also fully ethnically Spanish, he was an other. Félix not knowing his father is the catalyst for the movie’s plot. The film shows Félix struggling with his fatherlessness on multiple occasions, most notably on the train and with his sister’s son. On the train, the North African boy without a father draws Félix’s attention, especially when he asks the man if he is his father. This suggests that Félix tries to find his father in the men around him, just as the boy did. When explaining the names for

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