Analysis Of Fences By August Wilson And Death Of A Salesman

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Fences by August Wilson and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller are two plays that are very similar to each other. They are different in terms of plot, but they are both stories about family conflicts and relationships between family members. In both plays, sport plays a big role in the life of the characters as both sons of the main characters wish to play sports in school. Also, the women in both plays have an unfortunate marriage as their husbands both had an affair and betrayed their marriage. In addition to these similarities, death is also a strong concept; as both stories end with the main character’s funeral. Although there are many similarities in both plays such as sports, marriage, and death; there are also many differences in these same themes. The concept of sports plays a big role in both stories; as both main characters, Willy and Troy, have sons who wish to play sports in school. But the sons, Cory and Biff, had very different reactions from their fathers. Willy, was very supportive of the idea, whereas Troy, disagreed with it and did everything in his power to stop it, and he succeed. Willy believed that if his son became a famous athlete, he will have a bright future; however, this did not happen because Biff found out about his affair. While Willy was supportive and understanding, Biff’s father, Troy, was the opposite of Willy. Troy did not want Cory to play sports due to his own experience in the past with how he was treated when he wanted to
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