Analysis Of Fit For A King : Treasures Of Tutankhamun

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Things that are valuable to us can be things that are old or that have family value and some of the values can also come from our memories. Some of the values that we have, might not be bought with money. There are many treasures in the world but it is all in the person.Everyone has a different perspective of what something valuable can be to them. When people who have the chance to get anything they want, they don’t seem to value everything they have but when you compare it to a person who doesn’t have the chance to get everything they find even the smallest things valuable to them.
Monetary value is mainly determined on things that are worth money. People believe that having a lot of money and other items that cost them a lot of money will put them on a more richer scale. They may also believe that items that are worth a lot are more valuable to them and that some other people think that a memory of a special person isn’t worth a lot especially when you lost them. An example of monetary value is in a photo essay named, “Fit for a King: Treasures of Tutankhamun”, this essay is about what King Tutankhamun and what he wanted to be buried with what he thought was valuable to him and what he would need in his afterlife. In the photo essay it says he was buried with objects such as the Cobra Uraeus Diadem which is a crown, Alabaster Funerary Barge and that is a vessel to hold perfume, four golden fans, and a Canopic Chest which was used to hold the internal organs of the

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