Analysis Of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours

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There is no doubt that Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours is one of the most iconic rock albums of all time. The album skyrocketed the band into fame and success with Grammy nominations, millions of sold copies and four top ten singles. However, behind the scenes of Fleetwood Mac’s success was a group of people falling apart. The band was in chaos, filled with anger, passion and heartache - and you can clearly hear this turmoil in their lyrics.
During the making of Rumours, Fleetwood Mac’s two couples - John McVie and Christine McVie, and Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks - were in the midsts of high-tension breakups. The McVie’s were divorcing and Nicks and Buckingham, longtime lovers, were separating; Of course, not without some affairs mixed into the madness. Tensions were high as the band’s songwriters channeled their frustrations, often used as cross dialogues to one another, to create the songs that would then become the musical soap opera, Rumours.
One of the first songs on the album, “Go Your Own Way” truly encompasses the emotion the couples were feeling. The song starts with the powerful line: “loving you isn’t the right thing to do / how can I ever change things that I feel?” From the bat, the song, written by Buckingham, is an ode to the broken relationships within the band. In other words, the lyric means that things aren't working out between him and Nicks, yet he can’t help but love her still. The relationship causes him sadness and pain, for he cannot help the way he

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