Analysis Of Flight By Sherman Alexie

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The book Flight by Sherman Alexie is about a 15 year-old boy named Zits. His Irish mother dies of breast cancer when he is young and his Native American alcoholic father runs away. He has lived in 20 different foster homes and has gone to 22 different schools. Zits had a very rough childhood which has led him to be a troublemaker. Later in the story he shoots up a bank and then gets shot. As a result of his death, he goes on a “flight” and lives through parts of people’s lives who’ve experienced violence, revenge and betrayal. A scene in Flight where he experiences betrayal is in the body of Jimmy. Jimmy betrays his wife then later finds out that his best friend betrayed him and so many other people. In this scene Alexie suggests that we …show more content…

After Jimmy finds out about the plane crash, he feels guilty because he taught Abbad to fly a plane. Jimmy remembers a moment he had with Abbad. “You are my best friend, Jimmy said. You are my brother, Abbad said.” (130) Jimmy really trusted Abbad and he was his best friend. This quote signifies the fact that Abbad messed with Jimmy and made him believe they were really close. One possible answer to the question of if crashing the plane Abbad's plan all along is that it was his his plan all along because when Zits first meets Abbad in Jimmy’s body, they are talking about something which was very eye-opening after reading these chapters. Abbad says to him, “Jimmy, tell me the truth. You must tell me the truth . . . Abbad, I didn't think you were a terrorist. You are a liar, Jimmy. When I came to your door, when I said, I want to be a pilot, you immediately thought of September eleventh. You immediately thought I was another crazy terrorist who wanted to learn how to fly planes into skyscrapers.” (110) This conversation between Abbad and Jimmy was a joke. This shows the possibility that Abbad could have been trying to make sure Jimmy wasn’t suspicious about his plan. This scene really impacted Zits because it showed him on a personal level what it feels like to be

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