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The film Forrest Gump uses a lot of information and historical events and expresses them using aesthetic techniques such as sound, cinematography, editing, etc. The director Robert Zemeckis uses form to explain the overall meaning of the film specifically with symbolism from popular phrases and gives visual examples throughout the story.
The beginning of the film starts with Forrest sitting on a bench at a bus stop. A lady walks over and sits down next to him and begins to read her book as he introduces himself to her. He then offers her some chocolate that she quietly declines. Forrest then says, “My mama always said that life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”. This phrase shows meaning to the entire film because Forrest is always led to a new thing or event in life that had no relation to the last. Zemeckis place this scene strategically at the beginning and it helped set up the rest of the story.
Forrest is seen a few different times during other parts of the film with boxes of chocolate. This first scene is also the beginning of where Forrest starts to tell his life story. The director uses a diegetic narraration by Forrest to lead the story. He continues to talk even if the person sitting next to him on the bench has changed.
The box of chocolates line resembles how Forrest sees life differently. He grew up being told by his mother on what he should and shouldn’t do to help him get through life. He had the mind set of doing any opportunity that came to him. He did all kinds of incredible things such as playing on a college football team, joining the military, starting a shrimp business, etc. Editing can be shown during the historical events that Forrest participates in such as when African Americans were accepted to his school. The effect was in black and white to show an older scenario.
The best use of cinematography was at the very beginning with the feather before the ‘box of chocolates’ line. The camera follows the feather as it floats down towards the ground. The camera angle is positioned with a close up on the feather and with a blurry Forrest on the bench in the background. The feather then lands on his shoe where he picks it up to place inside his Curious

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