How Does The Metamorphosis Change Throughout The Novel

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Franz Kafka is known for his fusion of realism and fantasy elements in his stories, often featuring characters in isolated scenarios where the characters have unexplained attributes or powers. In the Kafka novella, The Metamorphosis features a protagonist that become isolated from his family. Gregor, the main character, wakes up as a bug mysteriously. The transformation leads to Gregor and his family adjusting to his metamorphosis. Furthermore, strangely, the novella is about Gregor’s family changes and development throughout novella and about him as a character.
The novella does not bring a clear insight to Gregor’s development or character. In the beginning of the novella, there is no literal explanation why has Gregor transformed into a bug. Gregor was not cursed by a witch, or did he drink some mysterious potion. The very first line of the book is “One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke up from his troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin” (1). The story opens with Gregor as a bug. There is no explanation why or background information that could have led to the metamorphosis. The lack of information leads to the question, why was Gregor converted into a bug. The question is never answered in the novella, which infers that Gregor is not the subject of the novella. Gregor’s problems are never discussed, described, or dealt with after Gregor’s metamorphosis. Gregor describes his surroundings and feelings, but he never talks to another

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