Analysis Of ' From A Culture Point Of View '

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Homo Ludens -Huiznga

Chapter one:
The author tries to explain the importance of “ Play” from a culture point of view. He believes that the activity of playing, plays a very important role changing the course of civilization.
He believes that play even in the lowest form is not just a mere physiological phenomenon or psychological reflex or just a biological activity.In this text,he tries to examine the very nature of play as a social construct .Examining the activity of play as a physiological phenomenon or as a psychological perspective or as a biological function has not done enough justice in understanding the activity of play as both make assumptions that can be either contradicted or may just have very narrow view of the topic .By examining play in such a manner the importance of play on the user or the very understanding of the concept of play is lost. These approaches miss on the fun element of the game. They do not examine play from the viewpoint of the player.The author also believes that there is no direct relation between play and seriousness. Since play as concept cannot be defined by the existing methods the author goes on to define the characteristic of play .They are as follows :
All play is a voluntary activity. It is an act of freedom .
Play is not “Ordinary ” or “Real ” life , it is the stepping out of it.
Play is distinct from “Ordinary ” life both as to locality and duration.Its played out within limits of time and place.
Play creates Order it
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