Analysis Of Game Of Thrones

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Game of Thrones is a show that I have recently started watching. I usually don’t watch television shows of this genre, but this one is very entertaining. Game of Thrones is a good fantasy drama because of the variety of settings, character development, and the suspense within the show.
It is important for a fantasy drama to have a variety of settings or change of scenery every so often because this adds more to the show and keeps viewers from becoming bored. In Game of Thrones there are many different settings showed. In this show, there are many characters who believe they are the “one true” king or queen. The plot of the show is the conquest of these different characters to take their place on the Iron Throne as the king or queen, hence the name
Game of Thrones. The many different characters and showing the story of their journeys is what allows for the many different settings. The show shows seven different kingdoms, there is the
North Kingdom, Kingdom of Mountain and Vale, Kingdom of Isles and Rivers, Kingdom of the
Rock, Kingdom of the Stormlands, Kingdom of the Reach and the Principality of Dorne. Scenes take place in each one of the settings listed and many other settings in places between the kingdoms. Another important quality of a good fantasy drama is showing character development.
Character development allows viewers to watch the characters grow and shows more than one side of the character, this gives the characters more depth and makes them more interesting and

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