Analysis Of Geoff Goodfellow's Poetry

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Geoff Goodfellow is a famous Australian poet named the peoples poet who has had a hard and eventful life. His biggest battle to date is his recent battle with cancer. He got told that his life was about to come to an end in the next five years but what he had got taught from growing up in the northern streets of Adelaide was to never back down from a fight and this was going to be his biggest battle to date.
Geoff left school at 15 so he could join the building industry and he thought this is what he would do his entire life, but what Geoff didn’t know was he was going to get a back injury in his late twenties that would prevent him from doing hard labour. When he found this out he retired from the building industry and lazed around home for over a year because hard labour was all he knew and without it he had nothing to do.
In his early thirties he started writing poetry for himself as he couldn’t do much else. His poetry has taken him all around the world talking to schools, universities, workplaces, construction sites and many more.
Being known as the people’s poet can mean a variety of things from everyone liking your poems to representing other people through poems. I believe Geoff is known as …show more content…

There’s people in his position who would decide to jump off a big bridge knowing that it would kill them but they wouldn’t care as they had nothing to live for. Geoff had nothing, all he knew was hard labour and boxing. The way Geoff turned his life around is an inspiration to everyone, His story could easily earn the name the people’s poet by its self as he has inspired many people that life will knock you down but if you try then you can get back on your feet and make a new peak in your life. Even when people around him were dying from cancer, he didn’t give up as he didn’t want to become another statistic. His poems and his story are an inspiration to the world and it came from the most unlikely place,

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