Analysis Of Gwynne Dyer ' Anybody 's Son Will Do

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There are a number of tasks and basic provisions which are very important for the whole nation. One can easily get what it could be, but surely it belongs to the natural and social interests of the whole nation. Security and freedom are the key basic necessities of the nation, and for the survival of a nation there are a number of tasks which are done by the army / forces of the country. This also includes a variety of tasks which are considered as disgusting by ordinary people. In Gwynne Dyer “Anybody’s Son Will Do” These US Marine Corps socialize their soldiers through a hard well training course of two months called boot camp. They enable their soldiers to fight in their own self-respect while establishing the attitudes of group…show more content…
The main focusing point of army to produce the best soldiers is their training. The selection of soldiers in their teen age years is the best policy for almost all the countries. Through these teens cognitive development it is very easy to train them according to army’s agenda or we can say that their mind can be easily washed as according to U.S Marin Drill Instructor “ I guess you could say we brainwash them a little bit .“ (Pg. 2)
Armies could also train the older but old age people could be trained physical and it is very difficult or it could be said that it is impossible to train them mentally or forced them to change their likes and dislikes according to the army goals and agenda. That is the major reason of choosing the soldiers less than 20 due to physical fitness, activeness, lack of dependents and economic dispensability it is more suitable to put them on the main track of army. As according to British Army Recruiting Advertisement: “There is discipline. There is drill….when you are relying on your mates and they are relying on you, there’s no room for slackness or sloppiness. If you are not prepared to accept the rules, you are better off where you are”.
In my opinion the army controls a soldier’s body during the training process of their carrier. During this
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