Army Training And Education Within The Ranks

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Army Training and Education within the Ranks
Sergeant Eric A. Walker
Engineer Advanced Leaders Course Class 002-15
Instructor: Staff Sergeant Payne
01 May 2015

In this report I will be going over the importance of training and education within the military, and how they both play very important roles to not only leaders, but the service members within our ranks. The military is constantly training and, we train as we fight. However, before soldiers train, they must be well educated in all areas in which they will be training. Proper education is the key to proper training. I will also discuss the importance of becoming better educated while serving in the military, as it will make transitioning back into the …show more content…

The importance of furthering education doesn’t stop there. Leaders should be enrolling in college, and counseling their subordinates to enroll in college as well. In order to become competitive within the Army’s ranks, education plays a huge role. As Major Tim Martin stated “A formal education is an important contributor to the development of leadership qualities and attributes that are crucial in the growth of a military professional (Martin, 2001).” Some believe training is as important as education. Army Doctrine Training Publication ADP 7-0 Page 2 paragraph 7 states, “Units train in garrison and while deployed to prepare for their mission and adapt their capabilities to any changes in an operational environment. (Headquaters, Department of the Army, 2012)” This simply means training is never complete. As a leader in the Army, NCO’s must seek new areas in which to train their troops. Proper education in these areas allows for them to receive proper training in whatever subject they are focusing on. For instance, when the Global War on Terrorism started in 2001 the Army began training soldiers for urban combat. Had the Army attempted to force the war to be fought in ways that were no longer compatible with the terrain of the modern battlefield, the battles would have been more costly for American troops.

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