Analysis Of Hanging Fire By Audre Lorde

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The poem that was chosen for our group was, “Hanging Fire”, which was written by Audre Lorde. The speaker of the poem is a teenage girl who is frustrated and disappointed with the world that is surrounding her. All of these situations that she is enduring in her lifetime right now are out of her control. The poem at first glance just appears to have no real significant purpose other then a young teenage girl un happy about the events in her life, but as we look deeper into the poem we can see that the events in this girls life reflect the call for feminism. Through this character, Lorde is able to argue that women are still being discriminated against even at a young age. The poem was written in free verse with no rhyme and is divided into 3 stanzas with the ending line having a period. Writing in free verse allows for the flow of the poem to mimic the thoughts of a fourteen-year-old girl that seem to be all over the place bouncing from one problem to the next. Allowing the lines to be broken up into stanzas showcases the refrains that emphasize the separation women have from society. The only lines that are repeated are, “and Momma’s in the bedroom with the door closed” (10-11, 22-23, 34-35). During the 70s it was rare to give an adolescent, let alone a female adolescent, a voice or to be the speaker of poem. Lorde used a fourteen year old as the speaker because she wanted to show that women’s lives, even young teenage girls lives, were valuable and deserved

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