Analysis Of Henrik Ibsen 's ' A Doll House '

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“A Doll House”
Playing many different characters is what Henrik Ibsen’s meant to do in A Doll House. The main characters fool people into believing they are someone other than their true selves. Nora plays her role flawlessly as she pretends to be living two different lives. Nora is Torvalds devoted and self-indulgent wife, but naively enough, she doesn’t realize she is a courageous, self-sufficient women. As the character’s progress so does Nora’s personality, she goes from a fun-loving, trophy wife that is admired by Torvalds and his friends, to a self-empowered, edger women. At first Nora is compliant, money-hungry and immature wife. Nora only acts as though she only wants money from Torvalds. She is always asking for money as a gift for her Christmas present. But littles does the audience know that this is just a role she is playing in her house. As the play progresses, Nora exhibits that she is not a “Silly Girl” (Henrik Ibsen) P. 1493 as she is always called by her husband. When Nora took out a loan from a well to do business man Krogstad to save her husband’s life threating illness, she understood the business details that involved the debt and she a smart and very skillful women she is not just a housewife. Over the years she has worked and hide money to pay back the loan she had borrowed and she would hide it from her husband and this shows that she has perseverance and drive. “They all think I am incapable of anything really serious.”

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