Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll House

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Henrick Ibsen 's A Doll House chronicles the difficulties of Nora Helmer, a housewife who is hiding a secret from her overbearing husband. In an effort to save her ailing husband 's life, Nora illegally took out a loan by forging her father 's signature on a contract. Nora kept this secret to herself for years and the only other person who knew of the scheme was the man who helped Nora obtain the loan: Nils Krogstad. The trouble for Nora began when Krogstad blackmailed her with this information in the hope of preventing Nora 's husband, who is also Krogstad 's boss, from firing him. Isn 't a man who would instill this type of burden on another person 's life a morally reprehensible human being? In reality, things are not as clear cut, especially in the case of Krogstad whose motives, and morals, run deeper than what meets the eye. Krogstad 's flaws compel his morals to become compromised when he is forced into a difficult situation but, in the end, he learns how to regain his conscience through finally receiving acceptance. As demonstrated by the presentation of Nils Krogstad 's character, most people are not instinctively driven to engage themselves in moral wrongdoing but instead are prompted to do so by an external source. Often times this external source is correlated with emotional turmoil or a major life change. In the case of Nils Krogstad, things started to go awry when he was met with the shocking news that his girlfriend Kristine Linde did not love him anymore

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