Analysis Of Her Kind By Anne Sexton

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Her Kind, a short poem written by Anne Sexton in 1960, invites readers on a dismal walk down memory lane. Sexton recalls three roles she has portrayed that seem to differ from society’s view of the average female role. Displaying abnormal qualities shoved her into living a difficult life as an outcast. Anne Sexton uses imagery, a metaphor, and symbolism to justify that women suffer from the effects of societal stereotypes. Powerful imagery is used throughout the entire poem to describe the struggles and loneliness of being a female outcast in society. The first stanza characterizes Sexton as a “possessed witch,” that is “twelve-fingered,” and “out of mind.” After all of this is stated, she produces an image of an abnormal woman that is flawed and completely sways away from society’s view on women. An uncomfortable feeling is stirred within the reader that is similar to that of the woman viewed as an outcast. She also describes herself as “braver at night,” and goes on to paint and image of her flying over houses at night. The scene is easily imaginable, but holds more meaning within. Sexton is alluding to the fact that the darkness is the only way for her to escape her reality that consists of daily judgement from society. This judgement originates from individuals within society that live perfect lives. The lives that they are living are assumed to be normal, thus making anyone swaying from that life an outcast. She also states, “A woman like that is not a woman,

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