Mla Cinderella by Sexton

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Correchet, Camille Prof. Fonts ENC 1102-3 15 February 2012 Conventional In the real world, problems and complications come up and happily ever after’s don’t exist. Sexton takes the classic story of “Cinderella”, reworks it, and makes it into her own twisted version of a fairytale. She starts the audience off with a few little “rags-to-riches” accounts comparing modern culture’s unrealistic dreams to what life really is like. Then she goes into telling the readers the famously known fairytale in a sardonic tone. The audience gets a sense of frustration from her way of expressing herself in each little story she talks about. She shows the world that its not always rainbows and butterflies, the real world is more complicated than that.…show more content…
Women have the right to love someone and not think about her financial future with that person and focus on what is really important for a relationship to work. When one is in a relationship, he or she will only make it work with honesty. Love isn’t about only making him happy and catering to his every need; it’s about both sides pleasing each other and working things out when necessary with nothing to hide. Moreover, women get their perspectives of love, and men in general, from their past experiences or from what they’ve seen around them. One loses hope on being happy when a traumatic event in a relationship of any kind happens. Rooney remarks: “A feminist isn’t born a feminist; she is born from her understanding of the world and how her parents conducted themselves with each other…experiences are the platforms in which any life is held by” (15). Despair is the perfect way to describe how one feels when life doesn’t turn out the way one thinks it will. Sexton’s poem shows her view on the world and the reader can tell that she has a sort of grudge with happiness. To sum up, Sexton’s “Cinderella” highlights despair and the misconceptions women have about love and life. Fairytales bring hope to young hearts around the world but get crushed when real world situations happen. Happily ever after’s can exist but not in any kind of perfect form, there is no such thing as perfection, and life’s complications come up from

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