Analysis Of Homer 's ' Warm Glow '

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When analyzing this passage it seems to be that she is struggling how to deal with and confront the situation of her husband being over bearing and too much to handle. As if he is so clingy she can’t do anything herself, “giving her no pause, one step behind her, breathing down her neck.” It is almost as if he is smothering her and unintentionally annoying her. Without communication between them she goes to her dad asking for help, saying she would give up her beauty to be left alone, ”Transform me and destroy that beauty by which I have too well pleased.” From here her father comes into play to protect her like any other father would and hardens her into a tree- reassuring her protection and only being distinguishable is her “warm glow.” The rest of this passage is Ovid reaching out trying to help Sappho. Wondering what is wrong and saying that it will all be better with his help. This relates to the passage above because it is about Sappho feeling as if he is being too nosey- just like how he is constantly asking her what is wrong. In both passages he just wants to help but is going about it the wrong way. The theme of this passage for her is protection. Running to her dad asking for help, having a hardening of bark cover her completely molding her with a more tough exterior. The theme of protection is shown in many aspects of this course when it involves family and protecting the ones they love. Whether the threat or circumstance is severe or not, protection is the

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