Analysis Of Homer 's The Iliad

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In Homer’s The Iliad, we learn that the mother and father relationships within the family is very important, but we don’t want to overlook the brothers. For instance, in the Greek and Trojan families, it was one way to bring everyone together. The brotherhood of Agamemnon and Menelaus, and Hector and Paris illustrates their devotion. Book Six of The Iliad comprehends several illustrations of how honor strengthens the bond between both brother’s Agamemnon and Menelaus and Hector and Paris. Glory supports the brother’s relationship in three ways; by protecting the honor among each individual, defending individuals’ honor and lastly is respecting each other’s honor. By protecting the honor between each individual in the family, most form a secure connection between one another. “Hold on, Menelaos, why do you care so much for these men? Have good things come to your house from the Trojans? Let none of them escape complete destruction at our hands, not even the main-child that the mother bears in her womb, let not even him escape” (pg. 160). In The Iliad, one example that is shown as protecting family honor is when Agamemnon convinces his brother, Menelaus not to spare Adrestos, who is one of the Trojans. At this time Agamemnon demands revenge for his brother, because his wife was taken away from him. Furthermore, Agamemnon wants to protect Menelaus’s honor, which will be at risk if Menelaus were to spare Adrestos, for all the heartache he caused Menelaus when they took his

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