Analysis Of Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet

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In the novel Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford, a common theme and a UULO demonstrated how it’s critical to maintain good communication between relationships to prevent confusion. Henry demonstrated the importance of good communication as the lack of communication caused a division between his parents and Henry, which later influenced how Marty and Henry communicated with each other. To begin with, Henry and his father always had a very complicated relationship. In the novel, the father and son never seemed to understand each other and their intentions. As a child, Henry was baffled to why his father always seemed to contradict what Henry was asked to do. Henry being a Chinese American was “asked-no, told him to stop speaking their native Chinese” (Ford, 12). During this time, the Japanese and Chinese relationship were faltering as it was at the peak of World War II. Henry’s parents were “desperate for him to learn English” (Ford, 12). Henry’s parents never spoke to him in English, always Cantonese. Henry was told, to “only speak you American” (Ford, 12) by his father. This foundation would later create more conflict as Henry and his parents never seemed to understand each other. Since Henry was told by his parents to only speak English, Henry had a difficult time communicating with his parents. Henry never had a good foundation with his parents because of the language barrier that was created. Throughout the novel, Henry would try and communicate with

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