Analysis Of Hotel Rwanda

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I decided to analyze the Rohingya crisis further. The Rohingya crisis has been going on for years, but there was a short peace period before the military got involved in 2017. The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army launched attacks against Myanmar border police, attempting to avenge crimes committed by the Myanmar government. However, it gave the government the fuel they needed, and they began to call upon vigilante action to be taken against the terrorists. They began a campaign of fire and murder, pushing Rohingyas toward the Bay of Bengal to die. The civilian leader, Suu Kyi, hasn’t spoken against the military’s actions and has instead had her employees publish several fake issues of propaganda. The Rohingya men burn their houses “to make the government look bad”, the women cry “fake rape”, and that foreign aid workers lend “secret support” to ARSA terrorists (PRI). The crisis continues with thousands fleeing death, while most influential leaders go so far as to boldly exchange trinkets with the killers (Horowitz).
I decided to look further into the similar situation which occurred in Rwanda during 1994. The historical general reference I used, was the film Hotel Rwanda. The film portrayed the incident quite accurately and historically. The Rwandan genocide started when the military claimed rebels had murdered an official, which they used as evidence for the soon to follow “ethnic cleansing.” The radio was used for hate propaganda, calling upon the Hutus to

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