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  • The Tutsi And Tutsi People

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    The Hutu and Tutsi people have been struggling to live together for many years. From 1959 to 1994 the Hutu and Tutsi people of Burundi and Rwanda have been bondaged together by major events that have let to the Burundi and Rwanda Genocides. But there’s more to just the Genocides than what meets the eye. In order to understand what happened in the Rwanda genocide I must talk about Burundi and the Belgian rule. Hutu and Tutsi have lived in the same area for centuries and share the same language, religions

  • Tutsi Women Of The Rwanda

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    was mostly against the Tutsi but also men, women and children of Hutu decent that were found to be in contact with Tutsi. The conflict between the Tutsi, Twa and Hutu people began when the Belgium colonizers decided to divide the three groups. According to Herndon and Randell (2013) “colonial ideology had promoted the notion of Tutsi women as more aesthetically pleasing because of imagined similarities to European features (p.73). Which is why during the genocide of 1994, Tutsi women were victims of

  • The Hutus And The Tutsis Essay

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    The argument between the Hutus and the Tutsis began way before the genocide started, and the Tutsis were oppressing the Hutus first. During 500 and 1000 BC, the “Hutus first settled in the Great Lakes region of Central Africa” (The Heart) and lived in large agricultural families. The Tutsis, on the other hand, came much later to that land from Ethiopia, and they settled with the Hutus. They acquired their “language, beliefs and customs” (The Heart). The Tutsis began becoming more wealthy than the Hutus

  • The Rwandese Tutsi And The Rwanda Genocide

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    The genocide of the Rwandese Tutsi and the murder of many moderate Hutus was a political strategy adopted by a clique of powerful people at the centre of the government of Rwanda. Their plan was to hold to power at all cost. The war in Rwanda has often been presented as a “tribal conflict.” This is highly misleading. Hutus and Tutsis existed a century ago, but the two categories were defined in very different terms in those days. They were far less mutually hostile. Colonial rule and its attendant

  • The Rwandan Genocide And The Tutsi Genocide

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    nation of Rwanda. It was the mass murder of the minority ethnic Tutsi group. The people responsible for the genocide was the majority ethnic Hutu group. The Hutu group murdered about 800,000 people, most of them the Tutsi group.About 500,000 Tutsi women were raped and killed immediately afterwards. The most used weapon for killing in the genocide was the machete. The Hutu militias were sent to kill Tutsis. Even Hutu men killed their Tutsi wives.(“The Rwandan Genocide”, n.d. Para 1) The cause of the

  • The Rwandan Genocide Of 1994 Effect The Hutu And Tutsi

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    Plan of Investigation This investigation will seek to answer the question “How Did the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 Effect the Hutu and Tutsi?” I chose this question because last year I read the book Left to Tell and I wanted to know more about the two different types of groups, the Hutus and the Tutsis. This was and still is an important topic because many died that day just for belonging to a specific group. This topic shows how much our world has changed since 1994. In order to answer my historical

  • Essay on Rwandan Genocide: Tutsis versus Hutus

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    Rwandan Genocide: Tutsis vs. Hutus The many tears that stream down my face cry for the generations of my kids to come. I sit here as an innocent victimized Tutsi woman, to tell you my story of the Rwandan genocide and how it impacted my people. Through many years of pain and suffering I sit here before you to relieve my anger and install my knowledge of why the Belgium through colonization only installed more love in me toward my people and hatred towards me for not being able to help my people

  • The Hutu And The Tutsi: Two Racial Groups In Rwanda

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    The Hutu and the Tutsi are two different racial groups in Rwanda. The group that owned most of the cattle in Rwanda was called the Tutsi and everyone else was the Hutu. Now if an individual wanted to become a Tutsi they just had to marry into this group or acquire cattle. First the Belgians gave the Tutsi who were only 10 percent of the population all the leadership roles in the government. This upset the Hutus since they were 90 percent of the population in Rwanda. Eventually the Belgians

  • The Conflict Between The Rwandan And Tutsi Ethnic Conflict

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    between the Hutu and Tutsi to continue, while also becoming an important economic factor to the wealth of other nations. The colonization, genocide, and conflicts in the Congo all contributed to the major issue of racial segregation faced by the modern Hutus. The early colonization of Rwanda by the Germans and Belgians created the major internal conflict between the Hutu and the Tutsi. At the time of the Europeans arrival, Rwanda was made up of 85% Hutu, who were farmers, 14% Tutsi, who were cattle herders

  • The Conflict Between The Hutu And Tutsi Tribes In Rwanda

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    Rivalries between neighboring areas have historically led to violent altercations. This is especially the case in Rwanda, between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes that founded the nation. Their relationship was not like that at first- the tensions seemed to increase when European powers intervened with the tribes. When Rwanda became independent, the malicious competition continued because the tribes had become accustomed to it and adopted it on their own. It is so implanted in their culture that even the