Analysis Of Indian Education By Sherman Alexie

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In class we read a short story, Indian Education by Sherman Alexie. It talked about an Indian boy, Victor, and his schooling experience. It talked about how he was in a school that wasn’t getting him very far in life, so he bettered his education by going to a better school and coming out the valedictorian. He did not let himself live in his past and live in the shadows of what people thought Indians should be like, instead he proved them all wrong and made a future for himself. How does this relate to our assignment of writing a personal essay, well I relate to Victor in a sense of choosing to stay in a place that I would fit in or to go out into the world and better myself.

Way back when, more like a year ago there was a girl starting …show more content…

I actually found multiple clique’s. Yeah you can say that I was the one that could be friends with literally anyone. I mixed and mingled a little here and there with some of the greatest people. It might not seem like it because I am super shy still now, but I was super friendly. I am one of those people that you need to break the shell down and then I will bloom like a flower. It’s just that small awkward part in the beginning with all the new things that are happening now.

My main friend group in high school was made up of the top ten. But, to let you in on a little secret I was 77th in my class. How did I fit in with such a smart group? Well, my best friend forever was one of them. And so, with her always having the same classes as the others we just all formed our own group and called ourselves The Nerd Herd. My school didn’t have stereotypical clique group names like jocks, poplar’s, nerds, etc. even though we called ourselves The Nerd Herd, we didn’t really think of ourselves as the “typical nerds”. We were the group that if we wanted to do something risky we could, but we never tested our luck with that to keep ourselves sane. We all had so many fun memories together that I wish I could have freezeframed and have them all last forever, but that’s not how life works.

It was the time of college applications and everyone in my school was going crazy. I was relaxed and calm during the process, however, I was

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