Analysis Of Invisible Man

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To be exiled means to be kept from one's native space or country. In the book, Invisible Man, The nameless narrator started off bound for greatness and then as the novel continued he to be challenged with obstacles as he discovered his true self. Through these obstacles he was pushed farther and farther away from the places he learned to call home and had to forget everything he knew to survive. As a young black men the narrator stayed very true to who he was and wished to be a very successful scholar. He got a scholarship for an African American college and was lucky enough to be able to go; however, halfway through his schooling due to power hungry and egotistical Dr. Bledsoe, the narrator was expelled because he showed one of the school founders around dirtier parts of town. This college was a place the narrator considered home and was exiled from it leaving him with only 50 dollars and envelopes filled with false hope.

It is very easy to be taken over by fear and hopelessness when you are thrown from somewhere you have spent the most recent parts of your life to a completely different area where you know nothing and no one. Instead of holing up and showing his fear the narrator showed up to Harlem with a positive mindset and portrayed himself as a man who knew what he planned on doing with his life when he got there; however, he was just clinging to letter which held nothing but lies. He used his expulsion to enter a new place as a very sophisticated young man and

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