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Equality between individuals is a primary step to prosperity under a democracy. However, does this moral continue to apply among differences and distinct characters of the total population? In the novel, Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison, the protagonists suffers from the lack of acknowledgement guaranteed to African Americans in both the North and South regions of North America during the early 1900s. The Narrator expresses the poignant problems that blacks face as he travels to the North. An anti-hero is created on his voyage of being expelled from college, earning a job at Liberty Paints, and joining the organization group called Brotherhood. The Narrator begins to follow the definition others characters give to him while fighting for the…show more content…
Entering the period when Ralph Ellison was writing, the United States unified during World War II. During this war, Ralph Ellison joined the Merchant Marine. In the lifetime from 1914-1994 when Ralph Ellison was alive natural events took place. The Spanish Flu and Asian flu pulled in a high death toll which was occurring worldwide. The AIDs pandemic was awakened in 1981 for the first time. The Tangshan earthquake in China ranked also the deadliest during the author’s lifetime in 1976. Furthermore, the author witnessed the later years of his life in 1992 of the category 5 hurricane Andrew. Ellison’s writing styles are a mirror image of his self beliefs and experiences. As an artist, he typically focuses on “unity and diversity of American life: the one and the many, order and chaos, ideal and reality, masks and identity...antipathy toward racial stereotyping, consequence of identity…” (Busby). Degradation in society is one of the main aspects in the novel Invisible Man because of the Narrator’s minority race. Furthermore, “naturalism emphasized the way individuals were shaped in society” (Rollyson 492). Ellison’s form of writing shows how individuals in society can be shaped by sociocultural factors. Influences to his writing include William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway along with the naturalistic damage of Theodore Dreiser and Richard Wright. The Narrator’s black individuality is an issue in the beginning of the novel
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